Monday, July 31, 2017

Loving the Transformation

Pic on the left is at home May and on the right is July 14th
On the left about a year ago and the right on July 30th.

July 31, 2017, End of My Journey Day 90

Today is bitter sweet, yet very exciting.  Today marks the end of my 90 day Transformation, but not the end of something great.  For the past 90 days I have watched what I enter into my body.  I have changed my diet making this a healthy lifestyle change and I am so happy for myself in doing that.  It has changed me physically, mentally and spiritually and I don't ever plan on going back to how I used to be. When I started I was weighing 274.8 pounds and today I'm at 257 pounds.  Yessssss I've lost 17.8 to date.  I haven't reached my goal but I certainly have dropped some.  My goal is to be healthy while losing the weight to get down to 230 pounds.  I will not stop here, I plan on reaching my goal and then some.  Thank you for all the support given and trust me you haven't seen the last of me. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 73, What A Feeling

Afternoon, GOD IS GOOD!!!!! Today makes day 73 of my 90 day Transformation.  I started this journey thinking that I finally have made the decision to do something about my health.  I have struggled for years but, came to the conclusion that this will not get the best of me.  This is the best thing that SheLean could have done by making me an ambassador for HEALTH.  To date now I have lost 14 pounds and yes that is great news for me, I thought I would never loose 1 pound, with just 18 days left on my journey it doesn't stop there.  Looking forward to my end result.  Stay tuned.....

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 59, Feeling Awesome

Whoaaaaaaaaa who would have ever guessed that I would have accomplished really loosing weight.  I have been trying to do it and stick with and was not very successful.  After becoming a SheLean Ambassador I still thought it would never happen.  I am 13 pounds down now and (yes that is a big deal). I often think that it can be rushed but I know the process takes time. I have been given the tools to with stand and I have made this a lifestyle for me now. With Just 30 more days of my 90 day transformation I will stay focused and try to lose much more. Looking forward to my weigh in next week. Continuing to strive for the best.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Feeling Thankful, Day 50

Yessssssss today makes day 50 on my SheLEAN Lifestyle journey.  If I must say the program really does work, I'm not going to say it's been a bed of roses the struggle is real, but I will say is has been real. GOD IS GOOD, with prayer and being focused in wanting something better I'm now down 12 lbs from the beginning.  I still have more work to do to get to my goal weight, but who would have known I would have lost this.  I always gave up before I accomplished losing anything.  I have to thank my big support team for staying on me to stay the course.  #teamfit #sheleanlifestyle #sheleanambassador.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Feeling Awesome, Day 39

Many times, you decide to do something you are typically wondering will it work out for you.  Well I must say I'm very proud of myself deciding to make a life style change for myself.  Today I can say it feels great to hear and know that you are looking better then before and that you haven't given up and thrown in the towel. Yes this isn't an easy task to change what you are a custom to doing for so long, but it's better to make the change sooner than later.  I had my family and a co-worker tell me you are looking great keep up the good work no turning back now!!!!  I truly thank God for Grace and Mercy along with Patience.  Looking forward to a great Transformation.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 25, May 25th, 2017

Morning, Happy Thankful Thursday. Today makes day 25 that I have been on my journey for a better more healthy me. Well it has been an eye opener for me as well as people I interact with. It's great to see the progress with losing weight by eating properly, exercising and Meal Prepping.  The one thing I wish I could change is that the process could be quicker. lol I do understand that can't happen without the hard work and perseverance added to nothing but PRAYER!!!!  I'm no where near my goal at this point, yet I've come to far to stop now.  Until next time.